What we do

Omnitas Consulting is a solution-independent digital management consultancy agency. We help companies of all sizes and industries, regardless of how far they have come into their digital development.

How we work

We understand that not all organizations want or should work in the same way. Therefore, we always start from how you want and need to work. To enable this, Omnitas has deliberately created a team with broad experience, different backgrounds and competencies that all work together to meet all types of needs.

We focus on analyzing, mapping, digitizing and optimizing workflows and processes in order to streamline and support all levels in the organization, from the individual employee’s everyday life to the management team’s decision-making. By having a holistic perspective on workflows and processes, we aim to understand both the details and the larger context in every situation.

In addition to creating concrete solutions, we are happy to support you in a number of areas.


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