monday workdocs

Think of monday workdocs as a flexible, multi-media whiteboard where you and your team can add notes and ideas related to a topic. This is a big step in making the ultimate Work OS, monday workdocs will change the way you and your team work. We will show you all the great features in monday workdoc. How to use it, what widgets to add and how to integrate it in your team’s workflow.

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Skip external application

After this webinar you can skip external application like Google suite or Confluence. We will show you how to use monday workdocs instead. A total integration with everything in your Work OS in real-time. Embed any board, dashboard, chart, or anything else to keep your docs fresh. You can even add widgets directly in your document.

monday workdocs Widgets

You can add widgets directly in your document and see the information in real-time. When making a change on your board, it will change in your workdoc and vice verse. We will show how it works and what great widgets to add.

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