Build with us in

Be a part of our series, build with us. This is the second part of our series where we will build in Thomas our CEO will build, what you want to build in Send us a mail and tell us what you want to build. He will tell you about his thought process when doing a build. Thomas will show you how to be more efficient in your Work OS.

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Part two

This Is part two in our free webinar series, this episode will be a build of your choice in Do you want a more advanced CRM build as a sequel to last build with us webinar or maybe how to build a PMO (Project Management Office)?

Omnitas consulting have some of the most experienced builders. Take advantage of this and learn from the “best”. What do you want to build with us?

What do you want to build in

Want to be a part of choosing what this webinar will be about? Send us an email

Ideas of a build in

  • Advanced CRM
  • PMO
  • Ticketing workflow
  • Content calendar
  • Workflow and automations
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Live Webinars

Lessons Identified/ Lessons Learned

Omnitas is continuing the “Build with us in” series and this time around the subject is Lessons Identified/ Lessons Learned (LI /LL). Join us to learn about how you can use to gain better insights and avoid making the same mistakes. See how we build in and our thoughts about LI/LL.