Visit Sweden selects Omnitas Consulting for implementation of their new CRM system

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Table of Contents


Stockholm, Sweden: Visit Sweden selects Omnita’s Consulting for implementation, support and assistance through their digitalization process. Visit Sweden will start working with as a CRM system through Omnitas Consulting’s implementation of the platform. The procurement ended on May 24, and the agreement was signed on June 10.

According to the evaluation data presented by Visit Sweden, Omnita’s offer was in a clear first place in comparison with competing companies.

We are very proud and happy that our CRM solution was appreciated, and that it received the highest ranking among other competing solutions. We are really looking forward to the upcoming work together with Visit Sweden,

says Thomas M Karlsson, CEO of Omnitas Consulting. 

A CRM solution with the highest ranking

A total of 10 companies presented solutions for a CRM system to Visit Sweden. According to the data presented by the company, Omnitas’ solution based on the platform was significantly ahead of the other offers. In this scoring system, the lowest score meant the best placement. Omnitas landed on a score of 28.1 points and the company that came in second place received 63.1 points. This means that Omnita’s offer was twice as good as the offer on second place.

The CRM system is completely customized and adapted to Visits Sweden’s needs, workflows and requirements. The CRM system will be built in, which is a world leading Work OS. The exploratory phase will start during July 2021, and the full implementation of their new platform will begin in later this autumn.

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