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CRM the smooth way

Convert more leads without increasing the workload for you and your team. Work with a CRM system that reduces administrative work and increases your productivity at the same time.


The CRM you always wanted

Working more efficiently has never been easier. With a CRM Solution from Omnitas Consulting, you get the optimized system for your entire team. Our CRM systems are completely customizable and are fully adaptable to your business needs.

We build our CRM solutions in, which is a world-leading SaaS solution for Work OS platforms. Together with and the integrations made possible by Integromat, we can design and build CRM system solutions completely based on your desired outcome.

All in one place

Incoming leads, sales pipeline,  business contacts, quotation requests, product chains, agreements, marketing activities and more. Collect all workflows and processes on one platform. 

Easy to adopt

No advanced introduction or training required in the onboarding process. Our CRM solutions are user-friendly and easy to manage for the entire team.

Minimized administration

Minimize your administration and save time. Thanks to smart integrations and automations, you can increase efficiency and productivity without lifting an extra finger.

Technical support around the clock

You no longer have to worry about technical glitches or system errors. Certified technical support is available 24/7, with a response rate of 10 minutes regardless of time or place.

Together we create new heights of efficiency

We help your company create a tailored CRM system in, no matter where you are in your digital development. We are available for support in the pre-study phase, implementation and training phase and in the evaluation phase of your new CRM system. You will be assigned your own Customer Success Manager, who will be with you throughout the process.


Visual and customizable boards

Create your CRM in the way that best suits your business. By using you have unlimited custom fields, which means that you can make the platform look exactly as you want it to look.

Progresses in real-time

By collecting all the data in one platform, you can easily see which activities are planned, which are ongoing and which are completed. By working with, you create the overview needed to optimize your workflows.

Automated workflows

Eliminate unnecessary manual administration and save time. With automations in, you ensure that parts of the process are performed correctly and that no important details are forgotten.

Limitless integrations

Thanks to Integromat, we can integrate all your existing tools in our CRM solutions. Some examples of tools that are fully integrable by Integromat are G-suit, Adobe, WordPress, Office 365, Hubspot, Oneflow, Fortnox, Facebook Ad Manager, Mailchimp - just to name a few!

Security and privacy is dedicated to protecting all customers’ data. They follow the strictest security measures on the market in order to make sure that your data is secure and protected. Their global privacy program is based on the most comprehensive and advanced data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

monday dashboard

Dynamic dashboards

Make your projects and activities stay on track with dynamic dashboards! The dashboards are fully customizable, easy to build and easy to share. You can have one for your own work and one to share with the whole team. With the help of the dashboards in, you get a quick overview of the status of your business. 

Make the best of every lead

See where you are in your sales processes, and do not let any important details fall between the cracks.

Analyze statistics in real time and gain a better understanding of your weaknesses and strengths.

With the help of visual sale funnels, you can see where you drop and capture leads.

Funnel for

Automate your workflow

Automations are now a necessity to optimize your workflow. If you can’t automate repetitive tasks, you’ll waste time and increase risk of error.’s automation center has hundreds of automation recipes one click away. With’s CRM you can automate tasks, notifications, item creation, status changes, and more.

automation recipes

Introducing’s all-in-one CRM platform

Let us educate you about CRM

Want to learn more about visit our partners page or read our article about choosing the right CRM. We also have past webinars talking and teaching you about CRM.
We will always have upcoming webinars about all things Go in to our learning hub to find out about our upcoming webinars.

Do you want to know more?

We at Omnitas Consulting are experts at implementing a CRM system to your individual need. Book a meeting with us to discuss  your needs och send us a mail if you have any questions.