Customer Relationship Management

CRM the smooth way

Manage everything from incoming leads to project planning within With as a CRM, you get a system that is adaptable to your organization’s challenges and needs. No matter company size or industry.

Work the way that works for you as a CRM system is totally customizable and easy to use. No complicated coding, implementation or training required. The CRM system in is easy to learn and manage for everyone in your team. The CRM is created with an ease-to-use perspective, with minimum clicks, and can be adapted to your unique wants and needs.

Boost your efficiency

Work more efficiently and save time. With you get a clear overview of your workflows and processes. Thanks to the transparency that is created with the CRM system in, you’ll have the opportunity to plan and carry out your work in the best and most efficient way. is a platform that enables automated processes and smart integrations, allowing you to optimize your workflows.


Say goodbye to unnecessary email chains and days of chasing down team members. With the help of automating parts of the process, you can automatically set reminders and notifications. Through automations, you ensure that the work is performed correctly while saving time.


With you can integrate to almost any tool. Through smart integrations, you streamline your processes and ensure that the right information ends up in the right place. Some examples of tools that allow integration with are G-suite, Adobe, mailchimp and Zoom!

Convert more leads

Get the insight you need to be more successful at converting leads. With a clear overview of your sales funnels, you can analyze the entire customer journey. Through a transparent process, you see which parts you succeed with and which parts you have to develop in order to convert more leads.

Manage your sales activities

See the status of your sales processes in real time. Easily generated overviews will help you to analyse your opportunities and understand where to put your focus. With as CRM, you can visualize your entire sales process thanks to the intuitive dashboards that the whole team will love.

Collect and analyze statistics

Collect and analyze statistics of the current process at any time. By having all data inside, it will be much more efficient to compile all necessary reports. 

Security is dedicated to protecting all customers’ data. They follow the strictest security measures on the market in order to make sure that your data is secure and protected.

Visual workspaces

The virtual workplace is visually rewarding and designed in an easy-to-understand way. Which allows your creativity and efficiency to go hand in hand.

Kick-start your work with ready-made CRM templates offers ready-made templates which makes it easy for you to get started right away.

The templates are created to suit most types of activities and working methods, and can be customized to your needs.

Simple CRM

Manage all of your sales activities and pipeline in one place. With the Simple CRM template, you increase your productivity, improve your collaboration and optimize your sales pipeline.

Advanced CRM & Sales

Gather everything in one place. With the Advanced CRM and sales template, you can gather all your contact information and all sales activity on one and the same platform.


With the Contact Template, you can easily sort all incoming and existing contacts by customer type, priority, contact information and more.

Design your own CRM system as a CRM offers a level of customization and flexibility not found anywhere else, while still being easy to set up without custom development. The CRM system in is  filled with functionality tailored to most verticals, industries and use cases. This means that you can design, adapt and manage the CRM system in the way that suits your needs. We at Omnitas will always help our customers to get a running start. We customize after your individual specifications. Together we make the CRM system you always wanted.


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