Omnitas Time Reporting Solution

It has never been easier for you to plan and report time for clients, projects and tasks - all in one place.

Time reporting the easy way

With Omnitas Time Reporting Solution for, you will be able to replace any third party software or integration that you currently use to manage time reporting. You will instead be able to handle everything within your account.

Omnitas Time Reporting Solution provides a board view that makes it easy to select relevant objects and quickly enter time reports in a weekly or monthly timesheet.

Managers or time administrators can view everyone’s submissions and approve entries by simply changing a column status. This can initiate any custom automated workflow. All thanks to’s strong native automations.

Stay on track

Make your tasks and projects stay on track with easier and better time reporting.

Clear insights and total control

No need for a third party software or extra integrations. Manage everything within your account.

Better team management

Get an overview of your teams’ workload, and how much time they spend on each project.

Quick walk through

Watch this video for a walkthrough of the features, board view and workspace setup of Omnitas Time Reporting Solution.

Link to Omnitas TRS video


Get the insight you need

Budget hours, staff (FTE) or money to your projects to plan out in advance.

Make sure no important dates are forgotten, and ensure no double booking occurs by scheduling holidays and bank days in advance.


Report time the easy way

Report time towards up to three different hierarchical levels of your choice. It’s done in a click!

Approve time with a click with our advanced approval automations.

Follow up

Make your projects stay on track

Analyze how much time your team spends on each project for better support, planning and budgeting.

Create the insight you need by aggregating the reported time by week or month.


No data is being saved or processed outside, which guarantees the highest security standard.


$2.99 per seat, per month.*

One month free with annual purchase.

* license not included.
*Your account always determine the amount of seats. 


Omnitas Consulting aims to respond within 24 hours to new support requests.

Improve your productivity

Our Time Reporting Solution will give you an integrated and secure solution for managing time sheets. Sort your data by week or per month, and filter by person, client, project, activity or any three levels you have set up.

  • Overview of processes 
  • Access to real-time progress
  • Easy to manage

Get rid of your third party software or extra integrations. Manage all your time reporting within your account!

Reporting time has never been easier

With Omnitas Time Reporting Solution for, you are able to report time against any three levels you choose, for example client, project and activity, all in one place.

The Time Reporting Solution provides a board view that makes it easy to select relevant objects and quickly enter time reports in a weekly or monthly timesheet. Managers or time administrators can view everyone’s submissions and approve entries by changing a status. This can initiate any custom automated workflow. All thanks to’s strong native automations.

Report your way

Choose to report in up to three hierarchical levels. Client, project and activity are just examples.

You can customize the three levels to fit your organization’s reporting needs and call them what you want.

Save time with ready-made templates

Save time and effort with our pre-configured templates. The templates contain separate boards for planning and reporting as well as reference boards for clients, projects, activities and holidays. All are easy to customize for your unique business needs. Or connect the app to your already existing boards!

Customized and visual boards

The views are fully customizable. Which gives you the flexibility to adjust the setting the way you prefer. 

  • Light / Dark mode.
  • Hide / Show weekends.
  • Rename every object and item the way that works best for you. 
  • Color holidays and vacations.
  • And much more.

Holiday and & Vacation Support

Omnitas Time Reporting Solution makes it easy to plan and never misses the fact that you or your colleagues are on vacation or that a national holiday or bank day is coming up.

By clearly marking those days on the report view, you can easily identify national holidays, company days or personal leave.

Needless to say, you can set days or time periods both on a personal level and for your entire company.

It has never been this easy to see availability, and your planning will be all the better for it.

Omnitas Time Reporting Solution Holiday view

Streamlined workflows

With the Time Reporting Solution for, you can easily make sure your projects stick to the plan. By reporting time spent on projects and tasks, you get a better overview of the current status of all the different processes and can compare these to your time budget.

This results in better and more efficient workflows, and contributes to better planning for future projects.

Everything inside

With Time Reporting App Solution, you can manage your time reporting inside your account. By having all the data inside, your workflows will be much more efficient. You no longer have to go back and forth in various external programs or tools. With Omnitas  Time Reporting Solution, you get a complete timesheet solution inside

Work efficient

You don’t need to manage your work and your time reporting with different tools. Manage everything in and save time.

Easy access to statistics

Collect and analyze important statistics whenever you want.

Total control and security

All data is kept safely within which guarantees the highest security standard and no waiting for integrations. All without affecting the user experience.

Optimized work and team management

Omnitas Time Reporting App Solution allows you to report time in a simple and clear way. Which helps the whole team stay on track in projects and activities.


The app is easy-to-use for everyone on the team in an interface that you all are used to.

Better visualization and planning

With the Time Reporting App Solution for, you eliminate the risk of unknown workloads for your team.

Flexible for everyone

For employees, it is easy to report time on all their projects or activities. For managers, it is easy to review, edit and approve the time reporting for projects and for applications for leave.

The winner of Project Management apps in

Time Reporting App Solution is the judges pick for the project management app in apps challenge 2021.


Calendar view

Both monthly and weekly calendar/report views to give you the timespan you need.


Planned vacation is fetched and visualized in the reporting interface.


Enter all holidays & bank days in advance and don't fret about any double bookings or faulty entries.

Copy & Duplicate

You don't have to configure each week, you can easily copy the previous week.


Make full use of's native automations.


Get started quickly with ready-made templates. Customize them to fit your organization with a few clicks.

Custom Levels

You can set up any three levels you'd like to use as a reporting hierarchy.


All your data actually lives completely within which means that you can use all the awesome features of the native dashboards.


Omnitas aims to respond to support requests within 24 hours (during weekdays).


Don't work on weekends? No worries, they can now be hidden from your calendar view.

Easy sorting

Omnitas Time Reporting Solution uses your hierarchy to produce better lists. If you have chosen a client, only that client's projects will be listed in the next step.

Pivot table

OTRS makes use of the native monday pivot function (Enterprise only). A perfect way to summarize everything and slice the data in the way you need.

Restricted edit

Make sure your employees only report their own times.

Steady Development

Continuous development, which means that new features will be unlocked over time.

Advanced approval

Specific approval view for managers and project leaders included in the templates.




per seat / month*

Get your discount by paying for the full year.

* license is necessary and not included. 
*Your account always determine the amount of seats. 



per seat / year*

When you buy Omnitas Time Reporting Solution for a full year, you only pay for 11 months of the year.


You install the app  from the apps marketplace and pay for the solution with a credit card of your choice directly in the app.

If you have 100 seats or above, and you need an invoice. Please contact us directly.

At Omnitas we often work with governmental institutions or NGO’s, and we know that credit card payment is not always an option, even if you are not yet 100 seats. Please contact us and we will try our best to help you out.



Security and privacy

Make sure that your data is kept confidential with the right people in the right place. is dedicated to protecting all customers’ data, and they follow the strictest security measures on the market in order to make sure that your data is secure and protected. Their global privacy program is based on the most comprehensive and advanced data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your data will never leave your account

To ensure the best security for your data our solution will keep all your data within your account. There are no transfers to external servers.

Try Omnitas Time Reporting Solution for free!

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