’s product updates (Edition 10)

Product updates 2022

A great part of using software as a service or commonly known as SaaS is the constant improvements and updates. Let’s go through what is new from edition 10 June 2022.’s product updates 2022 (Edition 5) is a cloud-based Work OS platform that can help you plan, run, and track your projects and work. Recently came out with a new set of updates which we will. be going through in this article.

Keep Your Data Secure with

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It is safe to say that most people who use the internet, at one point have worried about the security of their data online. That concern becomes even more real when you are a team or an organisation handling large amounts of data and are legally responsible for what happens to them. In this article we will address some of the most common questions regarding the level of security offers.

Not only a CRM, but a WorkOS partner have recently hit the stock market exchange and is growing rapidly. Very much so, in fact. Their platform is in steady development and is now delivering the market leading WorkOS. One place for all things related to your work.

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monday workdocs will change the way your team works


We here at Omnitas think it the ultimate Work OS with its integrations and automations. The great innovators at have now added an even better workflow for you and your team to collaborate with your documents.

Updates in Aug 2021

monday updates in august

Summer is over and at least most of us is back at work, either from home or maybe finally back in the office. however has not been feeling the vacation mode but instead pushed out some new and truly great features for us. Since it’s been some time since we last posted on feature updates, we’ll try to back the tape up a bit and see what’s the bigger points of interest since spring.

Nyheter i

Har du nu under tiden du arbetat hemifrån känt att du faktiskt blivit lite mer produktiv? Det tycks i alla fall vara fallet för’s utvecklare, för de har nu släppt en del nyheter i som kan underlätta ditt liv.

Omnitas Consulting forfarande bäst i världen!

Det finns många saker man kan bli stolt över. Men få saker får oss att bli stolta på detta sätt. Åter igen har vi på Omnitas Consulting utsetts till världens bästa på konsultation och implementation av